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Our vision is a world where each day people get faster connections and more secured networking than the one before

LancsNet, the innovative networking and  cybersecurity provider, continually pursuit innovation to enable faster and more secure digital transformation.

Your networking and cybersecurity partner, for today and tomorrow

Our mission is to be the networking and cybersecurity partner of choice, protecting and elevating our digital way of life.

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Bridging all your networking and security needs

  • LancsNet deliver a comprehensive portfolio and is empowering a growing ecosystem of partners, we are providing network and security platform  for home, enterprises to Aggregation network of Service Providers.


  • Owning an array of specialized IP cores, our experienced professionals can design and develop custom networking devices tailored to your needs.


  • For a more reliable network, we will provide the tools to test your network resilience

Recent Projects

Sequential Shared Memory IP

LancsNet sequential shared memory (SSM) IP is an innovative and high-performance packet buffer IP that is well suited for medium and high-bandwidth (up to 100Gbps) applications. The logic control is meticulously optimized for the area while offering decent...

Parallel Shared Memory IP

LancsNet parallel shared memory (PSM) IP is an innovative and high-performance packet buffer IP that is well suited for high and ultra-high bandwidth (up to 200 Gbps) applications. The memory is design to buffer multiple Ethernet streams simultaneously and eliminates...

L2 switch core for Cost-effective Enterprise and Home applications

LancsNet L2 switching enterprise and home version (L2SW-EH) IP is one of the featured and core-valued designs offered by our FPGA team. L2SW-EH IP is a fully functional and high bandwidth (~100Gbps) L2 switching core.  This is an integrated design for the L2 data...

L2 switch core for high throughput and low latency applications

LancsNet L2 FPGA-based switching core for high throughput and low latency (L2SW-T).  FPGA The core design adopts most of our innovative IPs for delivering the best and reliable network performance for critical applications such as cell-site routers, rugged network...

Scalable Ternary Content Address Memory

LancsNet TCAM IP is specialized optimized and design for lookup operation in most networking applications. The most state-of-the-art techniques have been adopted, e.g., multi-pumping-enabled allow to simulate multiport memory, which enhances memory utilization. The...

CAM-based Fast pattern matching engine

LancsNet UF-CAM is a specialized engine designed for ultra-fast lookup operations. Regardless of the look-up pattern length and nature, the engine could perform a lookup every clock cycle with deterministic latency. The dual-port interface allows the update operation...

Longest-prefix match based on CAM

LancsNet LPM-CAM performs the Longest Match Routing algorithm used by IP routers to select an entry from a routing table. The router uses the longest (prefix) match to determine the egress (outbound) interface and the address of the next device to which to send a...

Advanced Encryption Standard Core

LancsNet AES fully supports NIST FIP-197 standards and is a bandwidth-resource scalable AES engine. Our implementation permits pipeline stages can be configured by end-users to achieve the desired bandwidth ranging from 2-16Gbps. The core is ready to be adopted for...

Scalable Authenticated Encrypt/Decrypt Engine

LancsNet AES-GCM fully supports NIST SP 800-38D and FIP-197 standards. This is a scalable AES-GCM design that could be configured for desired bandwidth from 2-16Gbps by the trade-off in area. The core is encapsulated with friendy interfaces and is ready for employed...

Encapsulating Security Payload for IP Security Suite

LancsNet IPsec-ESP Engine is designed to provide hardware acceleration of the ESP packet processing required to implement in IPSec compliant devices. The design offers straightforward for offloading ESP packet processing to hardware up to 25.6 Gbps while high-level...