LN-2206-ISR allows building digital branches with many corresponding digital services. ISR provides basic networking functions for routing, switching, and advanced functions for security, multimedia streaming services in a single box. Lancsnet ISR is ready for SD-WAN integration and edge computing. Lancsnet ISR is ideal for digital transformation  in enterprises or government agencies.


Enabled Features

Pure Forwarding IPsec Threat Protection

Throughput (up to)

8 Gbps 800 Mbps Video Call supported


Network features

  • LN-2206-ISR performs the basic network functions: switching, routing DHCP, NAT; the box with built-in Wi-Fi, LTE offers reliable Internet connections for business offices and agencies.
  • Lancsnet ISR provides quality of service management for individual user, device, and user group with multi-WAN  technologies and traffic management control (traffic control).

Network security

  • LN-2206-ISR integrates IPsec for securing site–to–site and client–to–site communications with the robust encryption and key-exchange engines
  • LN-2206-ISR integrates Firewall functions that enables access management for services, websites, applications by UserID, DeviceID or GroupID.
  • LN-2206-ISR integrates authentication services by UserID, DeviceID or GroupID to ensure secure access.

Multimedia features

  • LN-2206-ISR integrates multimedia services like an IP PBX allowing voice, video, calls, and SMS.
  • LN-2206-ISR is ready to integrate with your service provider’s multimedia service or create your own multimedia connection using the built-in IPsec protocol suite.

Third party integration

  • LN-2206-ISR provides built-in APIs for 3rd parties to develop management features or build their own multimedia connection channel .

Management interface

  • LN-2206-ISR support management interface via Web, CLI, Netconf/YANG.
WAN Ports 1 x GE and 1 x SFP+ (LTE extensions)
LAN Ports 4 x GE
Management ports 1 x USB
Plug & Play Modules Wi-Fi, LTE (Optional)
Layer 2 Features 
Forwarding Entries 2K
Spanning Tree Protocol Yes
802.1q VLAN Yes
• Max. number of VLAN active 32
• VLAN_IDs support 4096
Port Mirroring Yes
802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol Yes
Layer 3 Features 

Support Dual WAN.

Support Failover mode and Load Balancing mode.

·         Load Balancing Support Volume, UserID-base, IP-base, PhyPort-base or Service-base mode
IPv4 Routes 2K
Static Routing Yes
RIPv2 Yes
OSPFv2 Yes
Network Address Translation Yes
• Source NAT 1-2K
• Destination NAT 1-2K
DHCP Client & Server Yes
Wireless Access Point Support dual band wireless (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
Security Features

Support filter by 5 fields: Source IP, Dest IP, Protocol, Source Port and Dest Port (UDP or TCP)

Support filter by UserID

Support filter by User GroupID

Support filter by Device ID

Website Control Filter with Domain and Web Categories
Application Control Filter with App or Categories
User Identification Support set up: User ID, Username, email, Phone, Company and Group User
User Authentication Support authentication with username and password by Radius Protocol
VPN Features
Protocol IPsec, IKE v1, IKE v2, EPS
IKE Authentication Pre-Shared Key or Certification Authentication (RSA)
Data  Integrity SHA-1, SHA-256, MD5, AES-GCM
Encryption AES-CBC, AES-GCM-128/192/256, 3DES
Key Exchange Diffie-Hellman, ECDH
NAT-Traversal (NAT-T) Supported

Gateway  to Gateway

Client to Gateway

Multimedia Features
Protocol SIPv2, RTP, SRTP
SIP Registrars 100
SIP trunk Support: Peers or Registration
Voice Codec G.711 A/u law, G719, G729, G726
Video Codec VP8, VP9, H.261, H.264
Voice Call Yes
Video Call Yes
Messaging Support local Messages and external messages
Compatibility Compatible with Cisco’s CUCM and CME series
Rest API Yes
Traffic Control
Classification Device-Based, UserBased, Application-Based
Rate Control Token Bucket
Congestion Avoidance WRED, Tail Drop
Schedule Weighted and strict priority queues
Queues Up to 8
Layer 2 Full Feature
Layer 3 Full Feature
Security App Control per User (Device), WebGuard, UTM, NGFW,
VPN TLS/SSL VPN, Support full feature in IPsec VPN
Multimedia File transfer, Video Conference
QoS Support more than
Management Features
Industry Standard CLI Yes
Web-base Configuration Yes
Dimensions and Power
Power Required Universal Switching Power Adapter 100-240V AC IN, 12V DC

Operating Temperature : 0-40oC (32-104oF)

MTBF (hrs): 2,041,392

Dimensions (W x D x H) 41 x 210 x 133 (mm)
Maximum Weight ~ 1kg

Download for LN-2206-ISR

Product Overview

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1 LN-2201-ISR_Datasheet v1 V1


Configuration User Guide

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1 LN-2201-ISR_UserGuide v1 V1