Data Leak Prevention

Technology solutions to protect your company from internal risks of data theft as well as external threats

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Data Loss

  • Personal information, confidential documents, business plans, finances and customer data… can be stolen during use and copied to other devices or shared over the network.
  • Loss of important data affects the success and sustainable development of businesses.


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Superior security

  • Prevent data loss at PC Endpoint (anti-copy, illegal printing). Sort, encrypt and backup all data (real-time monitoring, built-in IP filtering function)
  • Information technology asset management (Improve security, block illegal file access). Efficient admin panel (Easy to use, integrates many new features.
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Data encryption

Encrypt data automatically or manually as files according to AES-256 standard

Encryption/Decryption is transparent to the user

Maintain total secrecy


Peripheral device control

Full control of peripherals and removable storage

Prevent unauthorized or prohibited devices

Manage devices centrally from the admin system

Printer Management

Prevent copy-paste and take screenshots


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File transfer control

Control file attachments to web, apps, email…

File transfer control


Application control

Control application execution settings based on whitelist/blacklist

Scan installed apps

System lockdown


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Website access control

Control web access on whitelist/blacklist

Restrict web access from time to time

Compatible with popular web browsers


Administration – Reporting

Administration via web interface

Summary of agent’s abnormal behavior vi

Summary of problems of luck, applicable policies

Export reports as .pdf/ .xls files and email alerts


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