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LinkSafe is a technology solution based on SASE, SD-WAN platform that ensures reliable access and protects users safely anytime, anywhere, on any device platform, including smartphones, computers, smartphones and cloud services.


LinkSafe Cloud: The software system handles network services, safety services, information security, management, configuration, statistics and notifications.

LinkSafe Edge: Lancs Networks’s network devices or devices using Lancs NOS/Lancs FPGA solutions such as WiFi, Smart Router, Multi Layer Switch…

LinkSafe Agent: Agent software is installed on end devices such as computers, smartphones, containers, clouds to collect and enforce policies analyzed in the Cloud.

LinkSafe App/Web: User interface on mobile app or web.


LinkSafe model for Organization/Enterprise

LinkSafe Model for Home



L-CONTROL allows personalized network access, automatically blocks inappropriate content by age and location with centralized administrative policies, easy to configure and use.

  • Establish policies based on sample scenarios recommended by experts in Internet use over time and content appropriate to the user’s age or location role.
  • Ensure 100% verification and management of all connections, services (Agent and Agentless on devices such as computers, mobile devices, IoT…) according to appropriate user profiles and user groups.
  • Strictly enforce network access control policies to allow or prevent connections to Web/App/URL or to 100 different Web/App/URL categories.
  • Handles flexible Internet access bandwidth control by priority, by application or by user.


L-REPORT provides detailed, intuitive reports and statistics to ensure that the management and monitoring of the network is always safe and reliable.

  • Timely report on the connection status of the network system.
  • Report and warn in a timely manner about violations of operating policies (details by user, number of violations).
  • Detailed statistics and alerts on the group of most visited applications.
  • Detailed statistics and warnings about members’ network usage.
  • Send timely alerts and reports when detecting malicious threats, cyber attacks, activities that steal data or cause data leaks.
  • Warn and provide solutions to handle security holes, the risk of losing information security (software holes, patches…). 


L-PROTECTION prevents malicious risks from Virus, Malware, Ransomware… anywhere, anytime by various methods on terminal devices (computers, mobile phones, IoT devices), network devices, and the cloud in real time.

  • Strong authentication mechanism to prevent unauthorized access in time.
  • Protect users from Anti-Virus malware.
  • Protect users against phishing, malicious connections or websites that collect unauthorized user information.
  • Timely detection and prevention of abnormal behavior, malicious code with APT purpose.
  • Protect IoT devices, Smart Thing in the system.


L-DEFENCE automatically detects and prevents attacks on endpoints, network devices, and cloud services. L-DEFENCE combined with L-PROTECTION can ensure comprehensive information security for the system.

  • Automatically detect, prevent exploit attacks, scan to find user weaknesses and system security holes.
  • Automatically detect and prevent common types of network attacks.
  • Automatically detect and prevent targeted attacks (APT).
  • Timely detection and prevention of vulnerabilities, Zero-Day attacks.


L-VPN provides encryption and security solutions to ensure a safe, high-performance connection, through VPN protocols with simple and convenient configuration.

  • Supports popular VPN protocols: IPsec, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, WireGuard, VXLAN, GRE, VTI…
  • Optionally set up Client-to-Site, Site-to-Site, and Client-to-Client deployment models.
  • Secure treatment with strong authentication and encryption algorithms.
  • Ensure a large number of connections, high bandwidth, low latency.
  • Accelerated processing on Technology FPGA.


L-HIGH AVAILABILITY allows multiple channels to transmit simultaneously, ensuring load distribution between devices, demultiplexing to always stay connected with modern and intelligent security and anti-attack protocols.

  • Supports Multi-WAN (Internet, MPLS, LTE), enabling redundancy, load balancing by application, user or connection.
  • Supports redundancy and load balancing between Lancs Networks Edge devices.
  • Automatically calculate transmission parameters (packet loss, latency, jitter, bandwidth) to ensure quality of service.
  • Mesh WiFi system with wide, stable coverage does not interrupt the Internet experience


L-CENTRAL MANAGEMENT provides users with tools to set up, manage, monitor and deploy network configurations quickly, simply and effectively. With only a single platform (App or Web), users can check and monitor the system anytime, anywhere.

  • Ensure quick deployment of system setup with Zero-Touch configuration.
  • Logical graphic control panel, easy to use, safe, intelligent.
  • Centralized control, monitoring the status of terminal devices, especially always monitoring and protecting IoT devices.


L-MULTI MEDIA allows organizations and individuals to set up their own multimedia channels with the best security with comprehensive, multi-layer encryption, authentication, and anti-attack algorithms.

  • Set up high quality audio/video calls.
  • Set up an internal messaging system.
  • Set up multipoint video conferencing.
  • Set up a smart switchboard system.
  • Allows fast file transfer/receiving.
  • Ensure a secure and secure connection.


L-DATA PROTECTION allows data protection by various measures such as encryption, access authentication, user behavior monitoring to prevent unauthorized actions or data theft both.

  • Protect data on multiple platforms: personal devices, storage systems, the cloud.
  • Automatically identify and classify data to ensure security.
  • Encrypt important data.
  • Authenticate and monitor all access to data across platforms.
  • Prevent and promptly warn against unauthorized intrusions or data loss behaviors.


L-CLOUD PROTECTION allows to protect data on cloud platforms (Website, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), with solutions for data encryption, authentication, authorization, and attack prevention.

  • Protect data on multiple platforms: personal devices, storage systems, the cloud.
  • Automatically identify and classify data to ensure safety and security.
  • Encrypt important data.
  • Authenticate and monitor all access to data across platforms.
  • Prevent and promptly warn against unauthorized intrusions or data loss behaviors.


L-FPGA ACCELERATION helps customers develop products and network/security solutions based on Technology Lancs NOS and Lancs FPGA platforms. For example: Accelerating network services, security, digital signatures and network devices that require a very high level of safety and information security in the field of security, defense, national data or other sensitively confidential data

  • Network interface: From 10Mbps – 200Gbps.
  • Ability to analyze and process packets from layer 2 to layer 7.
  • The ability to forward packets with bandwidth up to 2Tbps.
  • Capable of handling encryption protocols (such as IPSec, TLS/SSL) up to 200Gbps.
  • Acceleration for key exchange algorithms, digital signatures such as RSA, ECDSA, SHA.
  • IDPS processing capacity up to 100Gbps.