Lancs CAM IPCore

Lancs LPM CAM allows searching for elements in the database using Technology CAM with extremely low latency with a very large number of elements.



  • Handles pipeline search entirely;
  • 3 cycle seek delay and 4 clock cycle update/delete;
  • No search conflicts;
  • Aging-time processing support;
  • Search speed up to 400M/s;
  • Support add and check additional information.


  • Search table size.
  • Number of entries.
  • Aging Value.
  • Hash algorithm.


VHDL source, test design on FPGA and ASIC.


CAM IPCore application to develop products:

  • Network devices; network security solutions;
  • IoT applications;
  • Large databases;
  • Artificial Neural Networks;
  • Hardware-based packet deep inspection analysis application.

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