Lancs Layer 2 Switch IPCore

Lancs Layer 2 Switch IPCore is a fully functional layer 2 switch core, has high bandwidth (up to 2Gbps), integrates many information security features with full APIs for network operating systems.

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  • Supports up to 128K MAC address tables based on CAM-based technology;
  • Supports up to 16K L2/L3-ACL entries;
  • Support handling 4K VLAN_IDs;
  • Configure and manage QoS;
  • Handling editing and control of package errors;
  • Handles 802.1Q, multicast and broadcast services;
  • Support multi-interface 1G/10G/25G/100Gbps;
  • 100Gbps switching capacity;
  • 64 /1514-byte packet delay: FPGA dependent;
  • Supports Jumbo frames up to 32KB;
  • Compatible with AMBA 4 AXI4-Stream standard.


  • Configure bus size,
  • Buffer size;
  • Adjustable network interface;
  • Change the package size;
  • Customize specifications as required.


VHDL source code, test design on FPGA and ASIC.


IPCore application to develop switches, L2, L3, NGFW routers, network aggregation devices, network accelerators.

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